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Endorsements and Awards


Gabrielle Thomas, Gabrielle Thomas, Atlanta, Georgia
"My 6 year daughter loves this CD storybook so much she cannot get enough of it!! We have to play it in the car on the way to school every morning, and she knows every word or every song! She has learned the importance of not littering and even scolds ...
Juliet C. Juliet C. Connecticut, USA
"We got this book from my son's Jamaican Grandpa, and it is teaching him so much about his Jamaican heritage - the country, animals, music, beach, waterfall, even the sing-song accent! Now my son is pestering me to visit Jamaica so he can see the real Laughing Waters!"
National Parenting CenterNational Parenting Center
National Parenting Center's review of the Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band CD Storybook. The world's largest parenting advocacy group.

If your children have never been exposed to the joyful expression that is Reggae music, this is a wonderful way to start. KQ Comics has created a thoroughly unique ...
Kirkus ReviewsKirkus Reviews
A reggae-singing parrot and his friends deliver a pro-environment message as they rescue an endangered leatherback sea turtle.Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band—a colorful hodgepodge of Caribbean sea-creatures—are having a jam session out on the pier when suddenly Swimpy the shrimp appears. Swimpy reports that Mama Edda, a leatherback sea ...
Gwyneth H.,Gwyneth H.,Kingston, Jamaica
“Dear KQ Comics Team,

I recently played the Brave Turtellini and the Reggae Band Dolphin Rescue for my five-year-old son and he loved it. He sings some of the songs by himself: stepping out for the first time; together we live in harmony, I look out for you, you look out ...
Savannah, Savannah, Brooklyn, New York
"The carrying pouch is cute and Giselle loves carrying Shaggy Parrot EVERYwhere we go. I used to be a fan of Shaggy as a performer but now I appreciate him on a whole different level. And I just realised that it is supporting a charity of the kids hospital in ...
Dean S. Dean S. Miami, USA
"Damian and Danielle play this every night before bed and even fight over who gets to sleep with it in their bed 😀 LOL! I think I will have to get another one just so they will each have their own."
Mellesia, Mellesia, Coral Springs, Florida
”I absolutely love the book and I read it to my daughter’s class today and they had a ball with the book and music. I love introducing my daughter to my amazing culture in such a fun, educational, and interactive way. Not to mention the great take aways about environmental ...
Lori Freeze, Lori Freeze, Grade K/1 teacher University Hill Elementary, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
“My kindergarten/grade 1 class has such a fun time with Shaggy the Parrot! The music is fantastic and the environmental message is a great teaching tool. It provided a great jumping off point to start a discussion about caring for the environment. The kids especially loved hearing all the different ...