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Sanjay Charlton

sanjaySanjay Charlton is a Jamaican-based Illustrator and Graphic Designer working both locally and internationally. Raised in Glengoffe, rural St. Catherine, he was known from a young age among his peers and others in his community as “the boy who could draw anything”. His child hood inspirations were drawn from comic books, animated features and all things science fiction.


After his studies in visual communication at the Edna Manley College of Visual Arts, he was awarded the best of show for his final year illustration exhibition.


He spent over twelve years as the Senior Graphic Designer with a leading adverting agency in Kingston where he developed the additional skills in animation, user interface design and Web design. He also created automotive and wall murals for non-commercial clients.


Sanjay then went solo, working freelance for international video game and animation studios including Bee Hive Illustration, Cry Wolf Media, Pixel Squad and Fox Cub Games, creating illustrations for major publishers such as Macmillan, Pearson Education, the Oxford University Press; as well as icon design and promotional illustrations for games such as “Crime Coast” and “Bloody Aliens” and other mobile slot games.


Sanjay draws inspiration from illustrator Luis Royo, Drew Stuzan and Frank Fazetta. However, his biggest inspirations are his wife and children.