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Break The Silence

Teaching Learning Tool for teaching children aged 8 – 12 yrs, how to Identify Respond to and Report Child Sexual Abuse


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“Scream Run & Tell” featuring Anecia Malcolm the voice of Maya

“Break The Silence” featuring VC and Yendi Phillips the voice of Miss Verity


The Caribbean Development Bank, under the Basic Needs Trust Fund 7, administered by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund.


Created in collaboration with the Child Development Agency, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Government of Jamaica; UNICEF Jamaica and several other resource persons listed at the back of the book.


  • The issue: Research and current events show that many incidents of child sexual abuse are being committed by the very people responsible for protecting the children
  • The need: to speak directly to children in an engaging way, teaching them:
  1. HOW TO IDENTIFY CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: What is child sexual abuse – sexual relations with a child under 16 years old is illegal
  2. HOW TO RESPOND TO CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: What to do in the moment of an attack, (SCREAM RUN & TELL)
  3. REPORT CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: Where to go for help – tell a trusted adult until you get help


  • Pioneering product for Jamaica and the Caribbean, and 100% Jamaican made
  • Big Book with comic book style illustrated story
  • Accompanying narration and music CD including discussion points
  • Teacher’s Guide with Lesson plan and additional resources
  • Message of the material Break the Silence, aiming to teach children how to Identify, Respond to, and Report Child Sexual Abuse.
  • Intended as a Teaching/ Learning tool for Guidance Counselors to use as core curriculum materials in classes of children aged 8 – 12 years, as approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Government of Jamaica


Conceptualized in 2012, KQC Enterprises began to seek funding, finally secured on May 31, 2016, under the Basic Needs Trust Fund 7 of the Caribbean Development Bank, through the Jamaica Social Investment Fund. Launched May 31, 2017.


Guidance Counselor Training commenced in June 2017 and rollout in all schools with children aged 8 – 12 in Jamaica starts in September, 2017


The content has undergone rigorous review and field testing since August 2016. Field Testing yielded increased awareness and reporting amongst children in the focus groups. The title for the lion characters “The Tribe”, was selected by the children in the focus groups.


Package includes the celebrity voices of Beauty Queens Yendi Phillips and Cindy Breakspeare, Radio Personalities Simone Clarke Cooper and Paula Ann Porter Jones, Comedian Chris Daley, Actor Alwyn Scott, Singer Valton Craigie; and two children who are Wards of the State – Carisan 12 years old and Anecia – 15 years old, playing lead roles.