Best wishes for more editions in this series

“Dear KQ Comics Team,

I recently played the Brave Turtellini and the Reggae Band Dolphin Rescue for my five-year-old son and he loved it. He sings some of the songs by himself: stepping out for the first time; together we live in harmony, I look out for you, you look out for me. He already has Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band and The Reggae Band Rescues Mamma Edda Leatherback. Some months ago I played the second book for him and his six-year-old friend and was surprised and pleased to see the two boys instinctively start dancing to she have eggs in her belly; doctor come quick; and others. They are touched by the stories, it means something to them. I believe that they respond even more to the books because children/small animals are in the pictures, and children voices are singing and narrating on the CD. It is great that we have these wonderfully illustrated books with high quality writing, composition and musicianship, bringing awareness of the environment and the importance of the animals in our Caribbean environment to our children in a gentle way. Best wishes for more editions in this series.”