The Kirkus Review

A reggae-singing parrot and his friends deliver a pro-environment message as they rescue an endangered leatherback sea turtle.

Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band—a colorful hodgepodge of Caribbean sea-creatures—are having a jam session out on the pier when suddenly Swimpy the shrimp appears. Swimpy reports that Mama Edda, a leatherback sea turtle, is very sick and needs help right away. Shaggy and his friends immediately swing into action; Swimpy takes Dallie Dolphin and Sea Cat to Mama Edda while Shaggy goes in search of Doctor Bird. Once Mama Edda is helped to shore, the doctor examines her and quickly reveals why she’s sick—she’s accidentally swallowed a plastic bag. Doctor Bird immediately goes to retrieve the bag from her throat, but there’s a catch—Mama Edda is also heavy with eggs and needs “the children” to help dig her nest so that the eggs will have a safe place to hatch. This absolutely delightful narrative is produced by the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) and is the second in the KQ Comics series.

A deeply enjoyable read—one that will thoroughly delight children while also encouraging them to think and care about the world around them.

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